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German Shepherd dogs - German Shepherd Facts
Here are some amazing facts about the German shepherd:

  1. The German shepherd dog’s reputation as a dog to be feared is partly due its being trained as a police dog.
  2. The breed was only recognized by UK Kennel Clubs in 1908
  3. The usefulness and bravery of the German shepherds during World War 1 fuelled its dramatic increase in the breed’s population in the UK.
  4. Since there was an anti-German sentiment after the First World War, the German shepherd was registered as Alsatian Wolf Hound by the UK Kennel Club.
  5. The all-white German shepherd is not acceptable by most associations and registries.
  6. The most famous German shepherd in history is Rin Tin Tin with 26 movies to his name.
  7. German shepherds have been recognized as the top 3 most intelligent breed of dog by Stanley Coren, the author of “The Intelligence of Dogs”.
  8. It is Max von Stephanitz who is known to be the one who created the German shepherd dog.
  9. The German shepherd was bred as a working dog combined with intelligence, loyalty and appearance.

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